Zero-tolerance policy


DRUG, SMOKING, & ALCOHOL POLICY – No chauffeur employed by Limoport Transportation, LLC or Trolley Tucson (division of Limoport Transportation, LLC) is allowed to consume alcohol (in preceding 48 hours) of accepting a transportation request and cannot smoke any substance including cigarettes, cigars, or vape units during employment with our companies. Furthermore, chauffeur cannot use any illegal drugs, drugs (including prescription), or marijuana (illegal or with medical card) at any time during employment with our companies. All chauffeurs are subject to testing for above mentioned, at any time, as requested by employer. Any customer complaint received by administration will activate requirement for immediate testing. Refusal to take such testing creates immediate dismissal. Concerned customers may send information pertaining to any of the above to, or text message to 520-529-7400 or mail to Limoport Transportation, LLC – 231 W. Giaconda Way – Suite 133 – Tucson, AZ. 85704.

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