Our “In Town Event Trolley Wagon” can seat up to 25 slim adults Larger adults will be more comfortable if total count is 15 to 20 passengers. Every year, in December, this “In Town Event Trolley Wagon” is used for our biggest event of the year which is “Winterhaven Festival of Lights”. This will be your unit of choice when you are looking to shuttle a small to large group of people from a parking area to the main event. Our Open Air Wagon may be pulled with any vehicle available unless you are also renting an additional unit of your choice with Wagon. Wagon (without seat belts) is for In Town slow speed events only – No Highways or Freeways! Young children are not to be seated on edges close to roadway. Call dispatcher for hourly specials, 520-529-7400. You can also click below to check posted rates without obligation for service.

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